Ride On Fire Truck




Most toddler toys these days constantly beep, blink or buzz. Youngsters typically get caught up in electronics and battery-operated toys by the age of two. It’s important to budget your little one’s time with electronics by putting activities in their path that encourage development. Have no fear… Svan Ride-Ons are here! These adorable plasma cars don’t run on anything other than baby’s laughter and energy!

Put out imaginary fires with Svan’s Fire Truck Ride-On! This adorable plasma will keep your child moving for hours. Your little fireman or firewoman will love scootering around the house to save the day. Equipped with a removable seat for storage, your little one can pack their supplies for any tough jobs that may arise.

The Svan Ride On Fire Truck is pushed along by your child’s feet, helping them develop motor skills, balance and confidence.

Bring the same outdoor physical activities to the comfort of your home with Svan’s Ride-Ons. All toys in the collection are constructed from all natural wood using non-toxic paint and BPA-free materials and are fully compliant with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

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Weight 10 lbs


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