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11 reviews for Plastic Tray Cover for Signet

  1. Meredith Petrone

    When will there be more

    • SCSDirect

      Hi Meredith, We have a shipment of product coming in this week and I am hoping that the plastic tray is in the order. I will let you know as soon as I hear.

  2. Edward Heinssen

    I would also like an update on when the plastic tray cover will be available. Thank you!

  3. Amy (verified owner)

    I would like to purchase a tray. We have an older chair that did not come with a plastic tray. The finish on our wood tray is wearing off. I am concerned about cleanliness – food gets in the groove around the edge. This chair definitely needs a cleanable plastic tray if you are going to use the tray for baby’s first finger foods!

  4. Betsy

    I need a replacement. When will this be in stock.

  5. Lee Dickinson

    Great tray but I need a new one and can’t find one anywhere.

  6. Bonnie Jacobs Logsdon

    I have been checking the site for literally months now for the plastic tray and have even spoken with a representative who assured me they expected them to be in soon, since it has been months now, just exactly what does “soon” mean?

  7. Vivian Falco

    Has the plastic tray cover come in. It is still listed as out of stock. It is a good product to protect the wooded tray making clean up easy.

  8. Sarah Hawthorne

    I would love to buy a plastic tray cover, whenever there are more coming in. Please let me know. Thank you! Sarah Hawthorne

  9. A.E.

    I have been checking on the availability of this tray for almost a year. It is always either a month or two months away. How frustrating!

  10. amy

    my comments echo the others. my orig tray did not come with a cover and ive been checking back for months as well. with a small baby its not easy to get online in the first place 🙂 but most frustrating is to be trying soooo hard to find and purchase this! please notify me when this becomes avail! thank you!!!!

  11. Edward Heinssen

    I would like to thank Svan for providing the replacement plastic tray cover, it is perfect. Thank you to the customer service representatives and sales representatives that made this possible.

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